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The young and restless Weekly Preview- 3rd – 7th October 2022

The young and restless10-3-22 Spoiler (S58):

The young and restless Next week Spoiler – 3 – 7 October 2022

In the next week, Alongside Phyllis, Nikki Newman is planning to strike with a bang. Without a doubt, they will cooperate to drive Diane out of town or make her life miserable.

Nikki will learn about She-Devil’s horrible act with Deacon’s aid and might use it against Diane later. The relationship between Tucker and Diane will also present difficulties for Kyle’s mother. Moreover, if their collaboration falters, Tucker might still provide Nikki some assistance in the aftermath.

In any case, Diane’s connection with Tucker is already a problem for the Abbotts. And if any ible things emerged side by side, Diane would suffer in the worst way possible in the upcoming week.

Elsewhere, Victor and Tucker’s old rivalry will resurface once again in the soap series and may lead to a future showdown.

It’s possible that Abby and Ashley also have bad memories of Tucker following his arrival in the town. And Tucker may potentially be the one to sabotage Abby and Chance’s beautiful relationship.

Chelsea has suffered setbacks throughout the process since she had higher hopes of establishing a deeper bonding with Johnny. And because of her prior agreement, she is powerless to push this any further. She will surely be distressed as a result, and Billy may intervene to comfort her later.

He will also advise Chelsea to be patient and build her relationship with Johnny gradually. But we are aware that Chelsea struggles with patience and may act carelessly in this situations where caution is called for.

The young and restless 10-3-22 weekly Preview Video:

So, if she tries to bond with Johnny carelessly, she is likely to be in some even more problems, which could also impact Conner in the worst way.

Meanwhile, Nate and Victoria will hold another planning session. They are making efforts to seize the Chancellor-winters secretly.

Devon, on the other hand, is likely to start working on welcoming Tucker. And he may surprise his father by making his father an official member of the Merger and making a startling statement moving forward.
There will be some changes in Nick and Sally’s relationship. Following that, Sally may be taken aback when Nick attempts to court her with his romantic intentions, thus they are bound to become close shortly.

As for Noah, he will have his past nightmare triggered by Audra Charles’s debut in the town. She appears to be Noah’s former love interest, so the soap series should feature his romantic past moving forward.

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The young and restless 10-3-22 weekly preview

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