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General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler | 21st September 2022

General Hospital September 2022 Spoiler

General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler:

general hospital spoilers revealed that Liz needs to receive more treatment because her mental condition is not still stable at all. As Fans know, Liz is suffering from mental illness and although it is less severe at first, her past problems have not been cleared up.

if she wants to treat the root cause, she has to find out the real cause of the stress or obsession. until now, one thing was for sure, Liz had suffered some sort of huge shock, but right now Liz couldn’t remember what it was.

so the only option that could be done now to save Liz is hypnosis to find out what happened in her past however, it seems that Lizzie’s fear is the reason why she can’t accept hypnosis. Kevin tried many times but unfortunately failed. Carley will make a decision that will change her life forever. if so, it could have something to do with Carly’s love life or a secret.

She’s hiding the first possibility that Carly decides to come to draw.it’s been a long time since early and drew have known each other.

so there is no reason why they should hesitate any longer.

Drew is also very fond of Carly, but since Carly has found a lot of problems to deal with, he doesn’t want her to be distracted.

General Hospital Tuesday Spoiler | 20th September 2022

Nor Does not rule out the possibility that Carly still has feelings for Shaunie. if so, will she reject drew in search of a chance to reconnect with sonny in addition, A shocking secret that Carly’s holding is related to willow’s identity. Does only Carly know that willow is Nina’s lost daughter will Carley decide to tell Nina that truth? Carly is willing to put aside her hatred. to see willow reunited with her mother.

willow wasn’t to blame for this anyway, so she needed to know the truth. All the Deaths or Dramatic Appearances and Disappearances of some people in poor Carles are probably related to the victor. Longtime Fans are Certainly well aware of victor’s cruel and ruthless personality.

Above All, his Ambition is very big and will surely hurt a lot of people with such Dark Plots. We Can confirm victor will not Allow Anymore to stand in his way. Valentine and anna are about to make a very important Discovery Because victor had Previously Wanted to Control and control Valentine.

They Were forced to investigate victor’s plot. Valentin and anna wanted to defeat victor before he caused too much suffering for their loved ones.

and thanks to that, the two learned that victor was holding many hostages. Among them are people who have long been Thought to be dead. In fact, victor made everyone think like that. Then he silently put holly luke and even Hayden in the same place.

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