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General Hospital 8-19-22 Recap Episode| GH 19th August 2022

About General Hospital 8-19-22 Full Episode:

Finn reaches out to someone in Elizabeth’s past; Dante is afraid he messed things up with Sam; Alexis and Gregory connect; Austin tries to set boundaries with a family member; Britt confronts Cody.

Previously on General Hospital:

T the pool, Finn, Chase, and Gregory watched as Violet did flips in the water. Gregory questioned if Chase had heard from the Civic evaluate criticism Board, and Chase responded that Dante stated it did not appear top. But, Chase stated he hoped to embark on a new career. He informed them that he was supposed to meet with Brook Lynn to speak about strategy for his upcoming overall performance at the Savoy. He needed to pass, but Gregory stopped him to reassure him and shake his hand. Chase located a check in his hand and simplest accepted it at Gregory’s insistence that it turned into a loan……………..

Starting Years(1963–77) :

Nurse Meg married Lee Baldwin. NursSharon married Dr. Henry and Nurse Jane Howie. The show’s rating started increasing in 1973, After  Audrey was accused of mustering her son’s baby sister, In 1973 Audrey married.

General Hospital 8-18-22 Full Episode

Next 10 Years(1978–88):about:

and world domination schemes.

Few of the Plots become so famous as the 1981 storyline where Luke Robert with Laura saved from the Ice Princess weather machine and saved the town from the deep freeze by that Machine. Now the show was Hight started American soap until 1988 when they tied from Y&R.

Next on GH:

Margaux is not thrilled with Laura’s plan; Monica has more bad news; Shiloh is distracted

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