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General Hospital 5-7-19 Full episode (GH 7th May 2019)

General Hospital 5-7-19 Full episode

About Show:
General Hospital is American Daytime medical Soap Opera. It has credit of Longest running soap opera and Third longest running series in American Television history.  In 1st April 1963 , broadcast on the ABC television network.

This series hold the most daytime Emmy. It hold daytime Emmy for the most outstanding daytime drama and WON 12 Awards.

Starting Years(1963–77) :
Starting story was based on 7th Floor of General Hospital. This Story line is about Dr. Steve and Nurse Jessie. Chief of Internal Medicine was Steve. Steve’s friend Jessie marriage with Dr Phil Brewer which was the main story line in 1964.Other notable nurse were Meg ,Diana ,Sharon and Jane.

Nurse Meg marriage Lee Baldwin . Nurse Sharon marriage Dr Henry and Nurse Jane Howie. Show’s rating started increasing in 1973, After  Audrey was accused for mustering her son’s baby sister,In 1973 Audrey married Dr Jim.

General Hospital 5-7-19 Full episode

Next 10 Years(1978–88):
Spy mysteries includes hidden treasures and world domination schemes. Few of the Plots become so famous like 1981 story line where Luke Robert with Laura saved from Ice Princess weather machine and saved town from deep freeze by that Machine.Now show was Hight tarted American soap until 1988 when they tied from Y&R.