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General Hospital -22nd August – 26th August | Weekly Spoiler

General Hospital- Monday 22, August 2022

The Quartermaines host a charity picnic; Olivia and Brook Lynn plot to help Sam and Dante commit to each other; Marshall and Jordan clear the air; Willow consults with Britt; Dex is worried Sonny is suspicious of him.

General Hospital – Tuesday 23, August 2022

Willow decides to open up to Michael; Leo prepares a special love drink for Sam and Dante at the picnic; Carly and Drew grow closer; Ava and Nikolas argue throughout the day; Portia gets a call regarding Trina.

General Hospital – Wednesday 24, August 2022

Love is in the air at the picnic; Rory and Trina bond; Chase admits his feelings; Dante has a change of heart; Carly and Drew have second thoughts about their relationship.

General Hospital – Thursday 25, August 2022

Drew and Carly find themselves in some danger; Victor threatens Ava; Spencer is unreceptive to his father’s affection; Finn decides to make a confession to Elizabeth.

General Hospital – Friday 26, August 2022

Terry develops an attraction to someone new; Elizabeth has another dramatic flashback; Lucy and Felicia tell Mac and Anna the truth about Cody’s birth parents; Cody and Britt argue about why she will not discuss her father.

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General Hospital -22nd August – 26th Aug | Weekly Spoiler

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