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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 24th Oct – 28th Oct 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 24, October 2022

  • Chloe is stunned to learn Kristen is moving in with Brady.
  • Li urges Stefan not to give up on Chloe.
  • Gabi demands the truth from Rolf.
  • Eric and Nicole find themselves in a familiar position.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 25, October 2022

  • Stephanie and Chad devise a plan to get the upper hand on Sloan.
  • Abe makes a shocking pronouncement to Paulina.
  • Leo snags a new job.
  • Johnny asks Chanel and Allie for a favor

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 26, October 2022

  • Stephanie pleads with Alex not to rat her out.
  • Chad plays cat and mouse with Sloan.
  • Sonny tries to get the scoop from Allie.
  • Abe warns Paulina she’s making a mistake

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 27, October 2022

  • Marlena questions Kristen about her sudden bond with Brady.
  • John catches Brady ransacking Kristen’s bedroom.
  • Eric and Nicole grow closer during a photo shoot.
  • Salem’s mismatched couples run into each other at the Horton Town Scare festival.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 28, October 2022

  • A vengeful Ava stalks EJ.
  • Steve and Kayla are unsettled by a gift from Orpheus.
  • Stephanie asks Alex for help.
  • Sloan gives Paulina a final ultimatum.

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Days of Our Lives -24th October – 28th October 2022 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of our lives 10-24-22 weekly spoiler

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