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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | November 29, 2022

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, November 29. Wendy and Johnny are back in Salem with a massive bombshell to explode. They put their lives in danger to find out the truth behind Stefan’s comeback.
And they were stunned to learn that Li Shin was the one behind Stefan’s brainwashing. And they now confront their family members about the shockers.

While Gabi Hernandez and Li are having a passionate moment, Wendy barges in with the bombshell. She will interrupt the couple, and Li knows what’s happening. So, he urges Gabi to leave for the time being before Wendy makes a mess.

After Gabi leaves, Wendy explodes at her brother for brainwashing Stefan. However, Li will have an explanation and he urges his sister to keep her mouth shut. As we know, Li can be persuasive at times, so he’ll surely stop Wendy from spilling the beans to Gabi.

On the other hand, Johnny will confront his father about Ava. EJ already has enough to deal with, but Johnny adds more.

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He and Ava got close for a while, so he explodes at EJ for what happened. Also, he’ll talk about the things he discovered from Dr. Rolf about Stefan.

Meanwhile, Nicole is really having a hard time thinking about Jada’s pregnancy. She is pregnant with Eric’s child which has been a game changer. She was about to reunite with Eric, but it all came crashing down.

So, she turns to Chloe since she needs someone to talk to. While that happens, Brady congratulates Eric while the viewers see mixed emotions about the scenario all around.

Nicole is rather devastated over the fact that she can’t have a family with Eric. So, she is experiencing a wide range of emotions.

Eric has now changed sides and he wants to be with Jada. So, she can only confide in Chloe. While that happens, Eric’s baby announcement spreads around Salem, but many will have no idea how to react to this situation.

That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Tuesday that we find out.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives November 29, 2022, | 29th Friday 2022

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