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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | November 1, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Tuesday 1, 2022

Stephanie is fired by Paulina over her failure to complete the mission Paulina gave her to stop Sloan from blackmailing Paulina. While Chad comforts Stephanie, Alex successfully helps her get Sloan’s confidential documents.

It can be said that there was not a good start between Alex and Stephanie, but Alex’s appearance and help at the right time made Stephanie a different view of him. Chad himself is aware of this, how will Chad feel about this development?

Speaking of Xander, after an argument between him and Victor, Xander once again has to move to live in a rundown motel in Salem. In order to give Sarah a better life, Xander finally agrees to join Ava’s plan to get revenge on EJ. Trouble will start to come to Xander again as he will drown in boiling water!
she seems to still have feelings for Johnny. that’s why we see when Channel questions Wendy’s intentions towards Johnny, Wendy insists to Chanel that she and Johnny are just friends. Do you think Chanel is jealous?
Talk about Stephanie, after she got the secret information about Sloan. she once again used it to seek a second chance when she found a way to redeem herself in Paulina’s eyes. Will Paulina agree or not?

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All of the stories we mentioned above will happen this Tuesday.

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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | 1st November 2022

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