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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | October 12, 2022

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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | October 12, 2022

When Paulina Price becomes anxious about yet another secret of hers that might become known, she will find herself in a familiar situation. The difference this time is that Chanel will be just as concerned about this information becoming public.

So, what do you think is Chanel trying to hide? It’s a fact that she made a mistake in college. And all hints point toward the possibility that she is responsible for the death of a person in the past.

So, Paulina will panic over the situation after Sloan hands over the incriminating file. She will also demand Chanel spill the beans about what really happened. She wants to know if the information from Sloan’s mystery client is true.

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So, the mother and daughter will have a shocking conversation where they talk about Chanel’s past mistakes that now haunt their present lives. Paulina has a lot more to lose than she bargained for. Her campaign for governor is in jeopardy, so she informs her PR team about this bombshell.

Chad and Stephanie will be devastated by the situation, and they’ll not have much to do about the things happening. 0 DiMera and Li Shin are bound to have complications despite their business deal.

It doesn’t matter how good a business agreement looks in principle, it has no importance if the parties involved cannot trust each other. And that’s exactly what’s happening with E3 and Shin as they have not been able to shake hands all thanks to their trust issues.

Now the question is: will they be able to overcome their problems? Building trust is not as easy as it seems, so let’s see if they can come to an agreement on this episode of Days. Also, they need to have a conclusion if they cannot trust one another.

Meanwhile, Alex is less than delighted about the relationship between Chad and Stephanie. He finds himself a tad jealous of Chad and Stephanie’s steamy relationship in recent times. So, let’s see what the man has to say about this, and why he calls them out in Salem.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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